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The United States of America is the Great Melting Pot, and we celebrate our diversity through the delight and joy of that which unites us…music…La Convivencia!


The core group members are:

Steve Clarke –  Saxophones: soprano, and baritone

Flutes: concert, alto, and bass

Scott Nieman – Turkish Oud; Italian Mandocello, Greek Bouzouki

Laurie Knutson – Clarinets: alto and bass; Native Style flutes

Michael Ziegahn – Flamenco guitar, Vocals, Percussion

Mark Black – Percussion

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Other Country Ensemble performs folk music from around the world with an accent on music from the Northern Mediterranean Region. This includes music from Ireland, France, Spain, Greece, Crete, Turkey, and Romania. Each country has its own folk music - its own country or ethnic music. While some would vilify that which divides us or makes us different (language, borders, and ethnicity), Other Country Ensemble a.k.a. OCE, celebrates that diversity through what unites us, what we have in common through the universal language, the universal prayer, and the universal celebration of life - music.

OCE performs music that has traveled and evolved from the place of its origin to become interwoven in the music and culture of other countries.

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Danza de los Gitanos

Baby Blue Arts Video

Click here to view a 30-minute performance.

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